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Meet Beth Goolsby: Empowering Businesses with Creative Strategies. Step into the vibrant realm of Seamless Strategies, where innovation converges with strategy under the guidance of Beth Goolsby, an accomplished business consultant with a profound passion for design, food/bev, art and music. In the summer of 2022, Beth, accompanied by her family, relocated from Los Angeles to the Central Coast of California. Here, she directs her expertise towards uplifting and bolstering local businesses.

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My Story

I kicked off my professional journey as a teenager in retail sales. I found my way into operations management and eventually landed the role of COO in the fashion industry. Through it all, a common thread of strategic thinking and customer experience has been the driving force behind my career.

Driven by a love for continuous learning, I honed my skills through courses at Harvard Extension, delving into leadership, marketing, financial accounting, and strategic management. My journey as a COO has taken me around the globe, collaborating with vendors and potential buyers.

My passion lies in connecting with people, learning from their experiences, and fostering meaningful relationships. The Central Coast, my new home, provides ample opportunities to be a part of this wonderful community. I am excited to engage with the amazing individuals here, whether it's through my work with clients or my role as a certified SCORE mentor.

My Vision: Elevating Businesses with Creative Insight

With a passion for the things that help us celebrate life, I bring a unique blend of creativity and strategic acumen to businesses. Leveraging expertise, I craft innovative solutions that propel brands to new heights. Let's collaborate on transforming your sales and marketing landscape for unparalleled success.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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